Saturday, July 29, 2006

We're comin home!!!


Hey, I am so excited, I just wanted to let everyone know we are going to Michigan for almost 2 weeks! Jeremy bought the tickets last night (yea!!!) We'll be there from Aug 25 to Sept 7. I can't wait to see everyone! I love you!

Monday, July 24, 2006

weekend pics

Ok, I promised some pictures from the weekend, so here you go, enjoy!
This is Connor, he is only about 6 months older than Lana, but MUCH taller! They play pretty well together. Lana told him that when she gets bigger they are gonna get married! David had fun walking all over the place and climbing on things, he didn't like the sand much though.
Lana hasn't figured out the bubbles yet. She always puts it right on her lips and gets a mouthful of soap.
me and my wiggly little girl
David LOVED Connors police car! It even makes a siren noise and the walkie talkie lights up, so that is why he is so excited.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Be our guest

I feel so proud of Lana and David! Every day that I pick them up at their daycare their teachers say how good they both are and how happy they have been all day. Lana waves goodbye to everyone and gives kisses and hugs to her teachers. She tried to give kisses to a little boy on Friday, but he ran away...but he kept smiling at her so it wasn't total rejection! David is all smiles when I go to get him now (he used to cry as soon as he would see me and crawl really fast to wherever I was standing) He always waves his hand too and says "die die" in a very happy non-violent way. I have been really enjoying work, and all of the wonderful people I have met there. I can say I am very glad I made the decision to work again :) My bosses really want me to be there everyday, which is flattering, I am glad they think I do a good job. Jeremy has had kind of a difficult few weeks, it is very hot down here now, and so in the plant it is well above the temperature outside, so he has been sweating like crazy. He has to wear his hard hat and combat boots and heavy pants and a thick shirt, so it's been torture. He said that he is happy when he can finally go outside where it is cooler...and I go outside for 5 minutes and am roasting! Tonight we are going to Jeremy's coworkers house again and we will hopefully swim a little bit. Lana loves their little boy Connor, and his new baby brother Cody. David doesn't really seem to notice a whole lot (at least he didn't last time we were there) but he likes all of the new toys.
Well, we are hopefully going to have our friends Andy and Janice come stay with us for a couple of days this week during their Disney vacation. We haven't been able to see them since their marraige last summer, so it will be really great to hang out for a little while again! (They live far away in New York) And then in a couple of weeks my mom is coming to see us again! We can't wait!!! Lana keeps saying "gamma's comin to see me, right?" and "She's gonna sleep in the office." (where our pull out couch is). I am afraid the week is going to go by too fast...but I want to enjoy every minute of it! We wish my dad could come too, but he can't take the time off of work. Really we wish everyone could come stay with us, but I think it would be better if everyone came at different times, although, it would make quite a party! I guess that is all the updates I have for now...I haven't taken pictures in the last few days, but I promise I will try to take lots over the weekend so you have more to look at! I love you all!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

baby steps

I am happy to report that we have made it a whole week where we were all pretty healthy! I worked every day because 2 ct techs were at a conference, and the kids did well going to daycare all week, and I didn't even have to call in once! We have had some fun once we all got home every day too. :) Lana has enjoyed her coloring more lately, and David seems happy to be feeling better again. When we walk in the door he lunges toward the floor so he can get down and play with his favorite toys: the little cars he can push and walk behind, and his cowboy and horses from his lincoln logs set. (he carries those everywhere and concentrates very hard to put the cowboy on his horse. When he succeeds he claps and says "aaaaaaiiii" like he is saying "yea" and cheering for is cute!)
Here is Lana using her colored pencils. She refuses to sit in the booster, she just wants to sit in mommy's chair. :)
I wish I took a better picture of this! When David is really happy, he will tilt his head way back and smile with his teeth is my favorite face!
I can't remember if David was talking here or if I just missed his smile or what. But he sure is proud of himself for figuring out how to climb on his firetruck and sit down all by himself! (he is a bit clummsy climbing back off!) Lana and David made themselves a little table out of the lincoln logs bucket and their little chairs, and had fun making the cowboy and cowgirl walk on the bucket. They kept laughing at each other. :)
I love Lana's smile!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm bored...lets go to the doctor

I just took David to the Dr because I was getting worried about his rash problem. It turns out it isn't chicken pox, which is good. He isn't contagious, and so he can go back to daycare and I don't have to worry about Lana getting it. He has "erythema multiforme minor" ... yeah, I had no idea what that meant either. He gave me a print out of his medical book that described it, which was pretty in depth and "medical" so I will try to share what it said in normal words. He has had a reaction that is kind of like hives, but more severe I guess. The individual lesions will resolve probably in about a week, but more may appear in crops for as long as 2-3 weeks. The doctor really didn't know what caused them because he has had so much stuff going on lately. It could be viral, or it could be a reaction to amoxycillin that he had been given for his ear infection. It could also be a reaction to his MMR vaccination that he had a week ago. The treatment is all the same though. I can give him benadryl which will hopefully make him sleep well too. We are going to avoid amoxycillin, which we have to do for Lana anyway. I am not sure what we are doing about the vaccination though, because he needs another one of those in 4 years. The doctor is going to think about that one for a while I think. Anyway, hopefully my poor little boy will be feeling better soon and won't be trying to itch his skin off anymore. :( Some prayers are certainly appreciated!

David's New Look

Well, I am sure to get employee of the month! I have already had to take many days off because of Lana and David being sick, and now yesterday I got a call from the daycare saying that I should probably come pick David up because he had a rash. Well, a week ago he got 3 shots and one of them was for the chicken pox. The nurse who gave the shots said that it would be extremely rare for him to get a rash from it, but it is possible. Needless to say, our bad luck has continued and David has the chicken pox now. He is contagious until they scab over so I had to tell my boss again that I have to stay home with the kids. Luckily she is really understanding! So far Lana hasn't gotten it, and hopefully with her being immunized she won't...we will see! Here are pictures of my poor little boy from this morning. :( He is happiest if he is eating, but pretty much any other time he cries because he is so itchy. Hopefully this won't last long!
He keeps itching his chest and tummy so much that it just looks like one big welt now instead of individual spots!
He even has them in his hair, and all around where his diaper fits. I feel so bad! Once again...Illness STINKS!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Day!

Good news! Everyone seems to be feeling better in our house finally! David and Lana are both back to their normal selves and have had a great day of playing today. We built a fort with kitchen chairs and blankets, and they both had a great time with that! Lana had to bring her dollies in, and blankets and a pillow for them and her to lay on. She also had to have food for her babies and her play phone. David kept cracking up, so aparently something was really funny about the whole thing. They still have a lingering cough and slimy noses, but their moods are much improved. (thank you God!) I have been feeling great, and I am really enjoying work. I have been able to meet some very nice people there, and I even got a hug from an elderly patient after I did his CT scan. It makes me feel good to be in that kind of environment again. And then when I come home I can eat dinner with the kids and play with them for a while and have a good time on the days I don't work. I am thankful, I think it was a good choice for me and hopefully I will continue to feel that way! Jeremy has been working a lot lately because they were a bit short staffed. Luckily there are new guys there who are almost qualified to stand watch so he won't have to take so much overtime. He did just have his 7 days off, but the kids were so sick, it really didn't feel like much of a break! :( He still has a pretty sore throat, so hopefully that will get better soon and he won't catch the full blown illness! What a relief to be getting over all of this! Well, here are todays happy pictures...enjoy!
Here they are in their fort...david is playing with the pretend pizza slices and cracking up while Lana gives her baby doll "Megan" some juice. :)
David was enjoying his "Happy Birthday Present" from Uncle Mark, Aunt Trista, Abby and Ethan! They sent him a cute little train that can hold this rock and little box. He carried those around all over the house and then would put them in and out of the little train. He talked the whole time too, it was funny!
Lana said "Wow, thank you!" when they opened David's present. She had a lot of fun playing with it too...and after some convincing, she shared with David pretty well too!
Yea! I feel so much better!!!!!