Friday, March 30, 2007

I would like to apologize to all of the Quist fans for the HUGE delay...

So, a lot has been going on here lately! Three weeks ago I started a new job that turned out to stink about as much as the first one...(I thought I was going to do CT and MRI but their mammography tech quit right before he hired me and so he was making me do mammograms instead. I didn't like it much.) But good news! Just 3 days ago I got a call to have an interview and I got hired right away! I am very excited! I will be working at a diagnostic imaging center doing CT scans. I really wanted to work at this office because it is only about 20-25 minutes from home and there is a daycare right next door to the office that is really nice. It is a really beautiful office, and everyone was very friendly. I start my new job on Monday and I am positive I will really like working there. Some places you can just tell right away. :) I feel bad for my poor hubby because I was getting pretty discouraged about the work I could find here, and I know I wasn't my happy self. I don't know why my job seems so important to me, but it does, and now that I finally found a really good one I feel like everything is going to be better. Can anyone else relate to that? I know that a lot of people really would rather not work at all, but even though I know that no job will be perfect, I really love to work. (When it isn't squishing boobs all day-hee hee!) Well, I guess that is enough about me! Jeremy's work is going well, and he has requested time off for the first 2 weeks in June to come to Michigan again (yipee!) (My new boss is perfectly fine with this too, thank goodness!) We have been trying to get out and do fun stuff on the weekends or whatever days we are all home together. We have gone walking and playing in the mall, and playing in the little kiddie pool we have and riding bikes and running around outside. We recently bought a family pass to the Tampa zoo that is good for a year. We have already gone twice and have had a great time both days. Next time we go it should be hot enough for the kids to wear their bathing suits and play in the fountains they have all around the zoo. They have had fun lately, and we have really enjoyed our family time! I was going to put a video on here, but I don't know how, so Trista when you read this, can you educate me please? We miss you all and think about you often! Enjoy the pictures!
I love this picture! She is my happy little sweetheart!
David was cracking up at Lana...isn't he a cutie?!
Lana and David and Daddy got to feed the giraffes. Actually it was only one giraffe, and he was a big hog! He leaned his head WAY in to get the cracker thing and kept sticking his tongue out at us even after the cracker was gone! He did it so quickly that I didn't get good pictures of it, sorry! The kids like being that close to it, but when he kept sticking his tongue out to eat he kinda scared them I think. It was exciting!
I had this picture all zoomed up, but I am no computer whiz, so I don't know how to keep it that way. Maybe Trista or Mark could help me with that too! :) Anyway, this tiger was awesome! It kept pacing and David kept growling at it!
I love the elephants! These were the steps down to their pool and up above there is a large open grassy area, it is a really nice zoo, all of the animals seemed to have a lot of space. This was one of the last stops we made and so Lana was getting into a foul mood and told us "I DON'T LIKE the elephants!" Well, maybe next time...
Lana didn't like the goats this time either, but David was curious, and after he saw daddy feeding them for a while he decided to try too. He seemed to like it until they licked his hand and then he kept saying "yuck! yuck!"
This was awesome! There is an enclosed area where you can walk on a path right next to the kangaroos and wallabies were you are separated only by a short little fence. We could tell that this kangaroo had a *joey* in her pouch, and then all of the sudden it popped its head out and I got a whole bunch of pictures! Lana and David were both really excited to see the baby kangaroo! ok, ok....Jeremy and I were pretty excited was really cool to be that close and to see the joey, I certainly hadn't ever seen that before!
Well, I guess that is all for now! I will try to be better about posting again...sorry it has been so long! Love you all lots!