Friday, November 17, 2006

Go Wolverines!

So tomorrow is the big Ohio State vs. University of Michigan game that Jeremy has been pumped about all season. He is so funny, he gets so excited about football it makes me excited! So I am going to watch it with him tomorrow as much as the kids will let me, and I will probably be humming the U of M song in my head as I go to sleep! :)

Well, I am a very poor blogger lately. I have been busy studying stuff to learn MRI and I have really been enjoying it (weird, I know). I guess I have always liked learning, and it just amazes me what technology can do now! Maybe this wouldn't excite many of you, but I think it is all so interesting! I really like the woman who is training me, and I am looking forward to working with her more. Jeremy has been studying some too for his training. He is doing really well, and should be done with his class sometime mid December. It will kinda make me sad, because I have really been enjoying having him home normal hours! We feel really close to each other, I think especially since he has been in his class, and it has just been nice to spend lots of time to talk and laugh and stuff. :) The kids are doing pretty well. Lana was sick last weekend and earlier this week, but she seems to be much better now too. It seems like she gets sick easily. I don't know if it is because she is in daycare, or if it is because of the SEVERE weather change down here (it gets down into the 60's sometimes 50's at night!), or maybe she is just kinda sickly. It seems like everytime she gets a cold it goes right to her lungs and I need to give her breathing treatments for a few days until it gets better. At least she holds still for it. She is feeling a lot better now. Today she sang in the car all the way home, it was so cute! David tries to sing too now. He pretty much just says "ahhh" or "daaa" but it is really cute too! He said "shoe" perfectly today! It surprised me quite a bit! He has been trying to say lots of things, but isn't really close with other words yet. They have both been having a lot of fun at their school with their friends and then coming home and playing outside with us. David might be a sport kinda guy...he loves footballs and basketballs and *gulp* soccer balls (Sam and Alan might make fun of Jeremy a bit for this!). He also laughs if Jeremy pushes him a little bit and he rarely cries if he falls, even if it seems like a big wipeout. He's a tough little guy! Lana is a lot more like me and seems afraid of the ball, but she is getting better too. It helps that we use the soft balls to throw around. I don't really know if anything very exciting is going on in our lives lately, but hopefully this post was somewhat enjoyable anyway. :) We love you all and miss you!