Monday, January 23, 2006

So, I was thinking...(scary, I know)...I am so thankful that we moved down here. I'm sorry I was down when I wrote the last update. Our life is really so good! I am proud of us for taking a chance instead of staying where we were comfortable and then never knowing if we should have moved. I am glad that we weren't afraid of something new, even when we knew it would be difficult at times. So we went swimming yesterday, in 80+ degree weather, in a nice heated pool...and we are about to go again today. We went to the park this morning with our friend and one of her daughters (Amelia-almost 2). Lana had so much fun playing on the slide and under the fort in the "house" with her good friend Amelia. They were giggling and following each other and hugging, it was cute! I think that Jeremy and I are really looking forward to our future here, and it is ok that we miss you lots too...I think it is a pretty good thing! Another good thing has come to moving all of my extra time I have decided to start a little business! I don't have a name for it yet, so if you have any ideas, please let me know! I am going to make wooden puzzles for children and just see if that could be successful or not. So, if you know of anyone who would like a wooden puzzle I would have a great time making one! I gave all the ones I have made away already, but when I make another, I will put a picture of it on here so you can see what they look like. So anyway, we miss you, but I feel pretty darn happy here too! Here are pictures from this morning.
Lana and her sweet friend Amelia. :)
Here they are in their "house" ...they were screaming and then laughing, it was funny!
David playing at the little park...he was talking a lot (bababa, dadada)
Daddy and David before daddy had to go to work. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What is perfect?

Boy, sometimes I wish I could have everything...sometimes I can feel so are all very very missed. I really am not complaining about life down here, really it has been pretty great lately, I just hate missing out on seeing so many people that I love. It's funny how you can have these decisions and none seems good and none seems bad either. I must admit there have been many times since we came down here that Jeremy and I have looked at each other and asked if we did the right thing or not. It sometimes doesn't feel like it since we lost money on our house and it is so hard to meet people here and we miss everyone from home. But then we talk about what our options were and what we want for our family, and then we feel like, "yes, this was the right choice." We wanted Jeremy to have a good job that he would like (which he now has) and we wanted to make enough so I could stay home to raise our kids (this has been such a blessing!). We wanted Jeremy to get really good experience in the nuclear power field, and this job has really been great for him. I must admit the climate was a factor too...I love and hate Michigan at the same time. I love it for all of the people there and our church that we miss so much...and we both hate it for the dreary cold for that Florida has been very good to us! I guess today has just been kind of a downer day. I've thought a lot about missing you and it sometimes gets to me. I hate that since there are so many happy things going on lately! Lana is starting to go on the potty consistently (yipee!) David is so strong, he is pulling himself up to stand next to everything, and he "talks" a lot lately. They have been playing a lot together and laughing together, I think that Lana likes it that he is crawling. She will crawl by him to make him laugh, and then he will tackle her! (Several people have said he looks like a future linebacker, which makes Jeremy so proud!) She cracks up at him when he pulls himself up to stand by her and her laughter makes him crack up! She has had a bit of an attitude lately, but I guess that would just be her age showing. She's fun most of the time though. One of her favorite things to do is to look at the scrapbooks I made. She likes to point out everybody in the pictures and then she gets her play phone and talks to you all. We all miss and love you! David about to tackle his big sister (a whopping 1 pound bigger as of last week) David is so proud of himself for being able to pull himself up to stand! He is quite a bit different from Lana...he is much tougher. When he falls he just gets back up like nothing ever happened!
Lana wanted to "crawl like David does!"
Our little sleeping beauty...
"Hi mommy!"

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fun playtimes!

We have been having lots of fun lately playing out in the sunshine!! We love taking walks together and Lana has made some wonderful friends! I meet another mom (and sometimes her husband) almost everyday so the kids can run outside and play and we can talk to another grown up for a while! They have 2 little girls, one is around 2 1/2 and the other is around 1 1/2 and they love to run and chase each other and play with balls outside. We have met another great couple and their 3 girls too. Their youngest is almost 2 and she plays so well with Lana! They laugh so much, I love it! There is another couple here that also has 3 kids that Lana had a lot of fun playing with! Their son is 4 and their daughter is 2 and they have a 2 1/2 month old son too...we hope we can spend more time with them too. We feel really blessed...we have met all of these great people here at the apartment complex...and they are all really sweet! We really miss everyone at home still of course...Lana has been wanting to go to see papa...she says "papa's home...all done workin" and she wants to go to his house! She's a cutie! And she was talking about seeing Abby yesterday and "Etan" and she wants to play with Jacob too. I am not sure when we will be seeing everyone again...We are looking forward to seeing Nanny again when she comes back down, and our great friends: Alan, Megan, Sam, Alexis and Eli when they come in April...and we just found out my parents are coming in March! We are so excited to have visitors!!! We love everyone back at home so much...ya know...Florida is beautiful this time of year! You can't help but be happy everyday! (I also hear it's a great place to move to...) Love you all!!!

David loves eating cheerios! He has been so excited, he tries to eat my whole hand when I feed him one! (he still isn't too efficient at getting them into his mouth!)
Lana doing her shapes puzzle I made for them...she knows the names of them amazes me how quickly children learn things!
David is so proud of himself for cruising all over the apartment!
Lana saying "cheese!" (She does this almost everytime I pull out the camera now!)
Lana is such a great big sister! She is helping put more cheerios onto David tray and making him laugh! I love my kids!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Princess Lana"

Well, today we took a walk to the beauty shop so Lana could get her first good haircut! She was so good! It really surprised me since the other times I tried to cut her hair she wiggled everywhere and freaked out! I read her a book while the lady did her hair, and she held still so well that she even curled her hair for her! She looked so cute and she looked at herself in the mirror and said "Lana a pincess!" They gave her a sucker for being so good and she liked the "lellow one" I love her!!! David sat in the stoller and laughed and talked the whole time so the hair stylist put some gel in his hair and spiked it all up too! It was a good trip! David is really starting to crawl faster...I bet in a couple of days he will get where he wants to go really quickly! He loves to stand up too...luckily I think it will be a while before he tackles that one! We miss you all!!!!! Enjoy the pictures! xoxo

After the beauty shop...Lana's givin David hugs! :)
Our beautiful little princess!
I think she looks a lot like I did in this picture!
David is so proud of himself for figuring out how this crawling thing works...he cracks himself up!
Lana and Daddy playing "horsey"! She laughs so hard, I love it! Poor daddy is getting his hair pulled out!