Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Our Big Boy!

Wow! David took 3 steps yesterday, and he did it again today!!! He gets so excited, it is so cute! He has really great balance, after he takes one step he sometimes waits and stands for a few seconds before taking the next. Other times it is pretty quick and then he falls down. He babbles all the time now, and I love it! I will love when he finally says "mama" but he can take his time if he wants. :( Lana is a very good encourager too! Today when David took two steps she squatted down and said "Good job, David, you did really well!" She was a little love bug today and kept giving him hugs...SO cute!
David is on his way down in this picture! Kaboom!
David inherited cool batman pajamas from his cousin Jacob...I loved it when Jacob wore them, and now I get to see how cute David is in them too! I think David likes them too!
Ok, I had to throw a picture of our big girl in here too! She loves taking her dollies for walks, and all of the older people here love to see her! She is pretty social too and says "hi" to everyone. (I have no idea where she gets this from!)
Look at me!!! I took 2 steps after this picture! I'm such a big boy!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nanny and Papa

We spent a couple of days on Anna Maria Island to see Nanny and Papa. It made us so happy to get hugs and kisses and snuggles from them again. (ok, so it was the kids who got most of the snuggles) but we had nice conversations again and enjoyed the beach and their beautiful condos and the pool there. David is still not a car baby... the trip down was a bit irritating, but he was sleeping on the way back up so that made it much better. He is such a little cutie most of the time though! He was so smiley and he jabbered a lot and loved to pull himself up against everything. He just started standing all by himself for long periods of time, so it won't be long now and we will have 2 toddlers! That makes me happy and a little sad too...babies are so cute! (Oh, speaking of babies...we just found out our dear friends Sam and Alexis are expecting another little babe!!! Jeremy says they better slow down! ha ha!) Lana has been pretty cute too. Mom cracked up when Lana was at the dinner table and said "excuse me" and I asked why and she said "I farted"... at least she was polite about it! She had fun in her pretty easter dress that Nanny made for her and liked to spin in it. These pictures aren't as clear because they are off the video camera, but I hope you enjoy. :)
David was having a great time talking to Nanny and Papa...he liked papa's Donald Duck voice!
Here he is jabbering away to Nanny :)
Papa took Lana for a swim in the gulf...she LOVED it!
Lana and David are playing with their Easter eggs...this cute dress was handmade by Nanny!
We all went to the beach, and Lana had fun playing in the sand with papa...David just tried to eat it!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our new house! :)

We have been looking for a while at houses down here, and we are excited to say that we found a very nice home for us! It is in a smaller town again, but there wasn't much to do in the town we are in now either! (Not that we can do much anyway with the kids...) There is a mall and a nice park nearby to take the kids to, so that is good, and the house is in a really nice neighborhood! We are really looking forward to being in a house again and to meet our neighbors! It is a 4 bedroom house so we will have a guest room ready for anyone who wants to visit...(hint hint!) Lana and David had fun running/crawling around and laughing a lot! We can't wait for you all to see it!
This is a view from the kitchen facing the back of the house. The master bedroom and bathroom, and the laundry room and garage door are all to the right, and the 3 other bedrooms are to the left. There is what they call a "greenbelt" behind the house so it is all very wooded and will stay that way, which is really nice. (and there is plenty of room for a future pool!)
This is the living room and eating area, also facing the rear of the house. You can see the kitchen counter on the right and the door to the master bedroom.
Lana loves the little windows by the front door! She was watching people taking walks outside and talking and laughing. What a cutie!
This is the front door (obviously) and the formal dining room (which we will probably use as a playroom or something) and on the other side is another little open room (pretty much the same as the dining room) that we will put the computer in.
Here is the front of our house (and the back of our realtor) :) You can see Lana's room on the left and the next windows are the den (computer room) and then the formal dining. I hope that all makes sense and you will kind of get the feel of what the house is like. We love it!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Our Friends :)

We have been anxiously awaiting our friends arrival to Florida for a week long vacation in a resort in Orlando...we at first thought that it would be Megan and Alan and her parents, Tom and Joyce, and Sam, Alexis and Eli too...but then Alexis said she couldn't get out of working so they couldn't come :( We were pretty disappointed about it, but still really excited to see everyone else. Then the day finally arrived and we met them at the Bob Evans right by our house and after giving hugs Alan and Megan pointed to the door of the restaurant, and who should walk out but our dear friends Sam, Alexis and little Eli!!!!! We were so surprised and happy!!! They got us good...they had all been lying to us for about a month because they wanted to surprise us! So we had a great week in Orlando. We spent a lot of time at the pools and in the sunshine and we all got nice and tan! Megan, Alexis, Joyce and I all participated in some activities like yoga in the morning, and a pampering session, and my favorite...a dancing one where they taught the merenge (sp?) and the rhumba. I was Joyce's partner and we all laughed so much, it was great! Tom and Joyce stayed in the room a few nights so that we could all go out after the kids were in bed, so we went out to eat and played miniature golf and just had fun! It was pretty sad to see them leave again, but hopefully we can plan another trip to Michigan again soon. For now it is good to sleep in our own beds again. :) We love you all!
I think Tom and Joyce would *love* to be grandparents someday!
We went to the Macaroni Grill and had a yummy dinner and lots of laughs! Lana loves swimming and they had a great little toddler pool that was about a foot deep with fountains in it. She had a lot of fun in this pool, and in the big pool!
Isn't this a cute picture of Eli? He is almost 6 months old, and he is so smiley and cute, I will post more pictures of him soon too!
David tends to stare a lot...he was talking to his rattle here, but it was funny how he would be quietly staring at everyone. He would get so excited in the pool though, he likes to splash a lot and then he cracks up!