Sunday, November 20, 2005

Wow! I have been one busy mommy since I came back to Michigan! I have spent so many wonderful days with friends and family! I have been able to stay with my parents a lot, which has been such a blessing for all of us! Lana has enjoyed every moment of "rock-a-bye" and books with gramma and papa!!! She is so excited to see them in the mornings, and if they are working then she is sad they aren't there to give her morning hugs and of course to "rock-a-bye". David smiles all the time! He is such a happy boy and he loves to "talk" and blow bubbles! I know my parents are having fun making him crack up and giving him hugs! I have also spent a lot of time with Mark and Trista and Abby and Ethan. It has been great to have the little cousins together again so they can run around chasing each other and screaming and giggling! You can't help but laugh when you see it! Trista and I went away for a weekend to scrapbook (I got 16 pages done!) and we had a GREAT time hanging out without kids to watch! I think it was much needed rest for me! I got to spend very special days with Jeremy's family too, (unfortunately most are out of town now) but I am looking forward to seeing Dan and Becky and Jacob soon. Here are some pictures of our most wonderful precious friends here...we wish we could take them with us!!! (hint hint!) I have so many is hard to pick which ones to post...but here are some really cute ones! Jeremy, WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! Everyone else, thanks so much for reading! :-)

Our Bible study friends; Alexis, Sam, Megan and Alan :-)

me and my girls!
Abby and Ethan love David! Abby calls him "buddy" and wants to hold him lots!
Lana and "Wata" (Aunt Trista) HUGS!!
"Uh Mark", Abby and "Etan" were spinning in circles and giggling, it was so cute!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Here are more pics from time with our family...enjoy!Mark likes David's great big smiles, and Ethan loves David!!! He wants to be by him all the time, and he either calls him deedid, or "baby, baby!" It is really cute!

Nanny really enjoyed seeing David and Lana again, and she said she thinks that David has changed from just a month ago when she visited us in Florida!
Lana, Abby and Ethan are such great friends! They giggle and run around and have so much fun!
Jacob was so cuddly!!! I loved it! We had a bonfire at papa Quist's and really enjoyed our night together!
Here is grandma Quist letting David chomp on her fingers. She laughed at how chubby our little (big) boy is! He's a cutie!

David and "Papa Quist"
Grandma VV and David on Halloween!
Lana loves to "rockabye" and read books with papa!
Lana and Jacob had so much fun together! They chased each other and giggled and gave hugs! Aunt Becky and Uncle Dan were so happy to see us again! :)

Aunt Trista is having so much fun with Lana and David! It is great to have us all (almost all) together again...we miss you Jeremy!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Greetings from Michigan!!!

We are having a lot of fun here in Michigan! We have had many great days spent with our family and friends that we have missed so much since we moved! Lana and David had fun last night for Halloween...Lana didn't want to stop trick-or-treating...she cried when we had to go inside! We went to my mom's school and got to march in their parade along with their Aunt Trista and cousins Abby and Ethan. I have many pictures of our family that I haven't been able to download on my dads computer, so I will add more at Trista's house tomorrow. We are really enjoying all of the fun things we have done so far...but boy oh boy do we miss daddy!!! Lana has asked for daddy several times now, and of course I miss him tons! Five weeks is a long time, but we will enjoy all of these moments while we are here! I'll add more soon! David was our frog for Halloween! Cute huh?
We went to a farm and a corn maze with grandma and papa and Uh Mark, Aunt Trista (Wata), Abby and Ethan. It was fun...the kids loved chasing ducks and playing in leaves!
Lana colored her first pumpkin!
Our little carebear! She loved it, she didn't want to take her costume off!
David was great, he just took it all in and hung out with mommy!