Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hey, I have MORE pictures!

I took more pictures after their naps...Lana LOVES her Easter dress Nanny made for her a couple of years ago! She wants to wear it nearly everyday! It is kinda funny going out in public with her wearing her Easter dress all the time, but she doesn't care, so we don't really either. It sure makes her happy, and she loves to spin in it and she gets this cute smile on her face and says "I'm beautiful!"
Here they were yesterday playing under Lana's bed and giggling a whole lot!
When David woke up from his nap today he joined daddy on the couch to watch a little football. Daddy was happy that he wanted to sit with him for a while. Daddy engrossed in his game...David barely awake :)
I finished another puzzle for the kids a while ago when Lana started really wanting to do puzzles all the time. She put it together easily the first time so we went out and got bigger ones for her. David loves it though... it is a good challenge for him, and he loves Dora and Diego!


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Rob said...

it is wierd that Lana looks so much like tracy and David looks so much like jeremy. Wow. glad to see you updated the blog, It helps me keep up to date on what you are doing.


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