Tuesday, April 17, 2007

excitement fills the air!

Yes, things have been pretty thrilling around here lately! Nanny and Great Aunt Jan came to visit us on their way down to the condo (we get to go this weekend! YIPEE!!) It was nice because Aunt Jan hasn't seen our house yet, so it was good to show her around. We got to hang out for a few hours before they headed out, but it was such a refreshing little visit for us! Nanny brought Lana a big pink bunny that she LOVES and wants to sleep with every night, and David got the adorable cowboy outfit below! He even says "yeehaw!"
I am excited because I love my new job and I just passed my test to be a registered CT technologist, so now my initials behind my name are: R.T.(R)(VI)(CT) it makes me happy, and it makes it a lot easier to find a job in the future (but thankfully I finally found one that is really great down here!)
Lana is making really big headlines lately! She went #2 on the toilet 3 days in a row, and just tonight told me she had to go (all by herself!) and even though nothing came out, she really tried! We are so proud of her, and she keeps saying "Mommy, I'm potty twained just like Abby and Etan and Jacob!"
So like I said, it has been very thrilling here lately! I will post more pictures after our weekend with Mom and Doug and Aunt Jan! (Then we only have a couple of weeks to go and we get to see my dad for a couple of days.....and then not much longer and we will be in Michigan for 2 weeks...the future is bright!) :) "Howdy partner!"
They were practising for the big Easter Egg hunt! David had a lot of fun running...he didn't get too many eggs and he would swing his arms so much that they all fell out! Lana was very competetive and wanted to get every last egg! Check out the look on her face, she is all business!
They tell each other "I love you David!" and "I eee you Nana" and they hold hands and hug... I am glad they are friends (granted it isn't ALL the time, but at least it is most of the time)

We love you all...Thanks for reading!