Thursday, September 28, 2006

Football Season

Well, we have been pretty busy lately! The last two weekends we have had friends over all day Sunday to watch football. Jeremy loves it so much he had to get both TV's in the family room so he could watch 2 (or more) games at once. We recently caved in and got directv with the football package, and he is loving it! Lana and David have had a great time having friends over to play with them! (The trick is getting them to take a nap right after church before people come over!) They are my pride a joy, that is for daycare their teachers just love them! They are always telling me how Lana is so sweet and she gives hugs, and David's teachers keep telling me that they want to clone him. :) They both are so good and pleasant most of the time, it makes me so happy! Lately, if David is sad, Lana will sing a song for him to try to make him happier, how cute is that?
Well, for me, work has been a little disappointing lately. I am not really doing what I thought I was going to do there, and I don't really have the greatest boss, so I may look around at other nearby hospitals...we will see. I don't think they are actually going to train me in the Cardiac Cath Lab because they normally stay really late everyday, and would expect me to do the same. It is ok though, I have my wonderful family ~that is much more important than work! I have found (through the help of my mom-in-law) the fantastic show on tv that I can record when I am scrapbooking! Oh, I love it! One of these days I may make the time to put some of the new things I have learned into practice and actually scrapbook a page! I am embarrassed to say that I am just finishing up last November...oops. My excuse is that we moved...a few times. Well, we miss you all!
I love him! He is so proud of his football setup...and so good at making me laugh!

Lana and her friend Connor playing a very innocent game of "doctor"
Upside-down! David can be very helpful sometimes. Thanks buddy!
Lana and Connor again...they play so well together, we just love him!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this! We had a great time at home seeing everyone! Two weeks really go by quickly though. :( We are getting all settled back down here. It felt like home in Michigan, and now being in our own space again feels like home too. It is nice, our friendly neighbors are all coming back from up north where they spend their summer months, so it won't seem so quiet anymore. Lana was excited to sleep in her own bed again, and David is happy to see his favorite toy cars he can ride. Well, here are some pictures from our trip...I am not the wonderful photographer my sister-in-law Trista is, but if you want to see great pictures of the 4 kids playing, check out her website at ... hopefully mine are good enough for your viewing pleasure :)
Our wonderful friends Megan and Alan who have been very, very missed!!!
Jeremy's mom (Nanny) with Jacob. He is such a little sweetie, I loved getting lots of hugs from him, and chasing him around and laughing lots. Lana was so happy to play with him again, and David really thought he was funny. Jeremy and Jacob always have a good time together... play wrestling and chasing and stuff like that, Jacob LOVES it! We are so lucky to have him as our nephew!
Here are our other wonderful friends Alexis and Sam with Eli and David :) They liked to take things from each other and talk to each other...Eli was a BIT louder than David! We had a great time seeing them and Alan and Megan again. We missed our weird conversations and our deep ones too. We missed all of the eating we always do together...(somehow I think I am always hungry!) We are looking forward to Christmas when baby #2 arrives, and Alexis even let me talk to her belly! :)
We had so much fun with our families! Here we are with Mark and Trista and Gramma! We went to Fredrick Meijer Gardens and had a fun day with all of the kids: Ethan, Abby, David and Lana. Abby and Ethan could run pretty fast, and Lana was trying, and she thought she was quick ("look at me! I'm so fast!") but she was WAY behind, so Trista would have to yell "red light" and Abby and Ethan would both freeze so Lana could catch up. They are all so cute! I loved getting snuggled by Ethan and getting Abby's fast hugs before she had to go play with something else! They loved having Uncle Jeremy make them "fly" and chase after them, and all four kids seemed so happy to spend time with each other again. I love seeing them play together and laughing together again! It was fun!
Lana loves her papa! He played with Lana and Jacob and David a lot and showed Lana all of the pretty flowers he and Nanny planted all around their yard. She told me "Papa's SO funny, huh?" We miss you already!
Here we are with Jeremy's brother, Dan and his wifey, Becky. We always have so much fun with them and have lots of opportunities to laugh at Jeremy and Dan's competetiveness. (is that even a word?) Oh, this is before Nanny convinced me to cut my hair off...but I am glad, I like my new hairdo...I'll have to post a picture of that next time I update this.
Grandpa and Grandma Quist got our grumpy kids for this picture! (it was bedtime) I am so glad we got to see them a couple of times while we were home, we had a really great time! I can't believe we never got around to having a huge bonfire this time, but we won't make that same mistake again. :) It was fun to hang out, even though Dad took Jeremy's money from golf and darts, we still really enjoyed it! And we even got to catch cool bugs there in Lana and David's bug a huge praying mantis for example. We loved our trip, and can't believe how quickly the time seemed to fly by! For all of you readers we got to see in Michigan...we love you so much and loved our time with you, and we miss you all already! Come see us when you get a chance!