Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dress-Up Day

We had some fun today in spite of the has been kinda dreary lately. Now I think we have still seen sunshine for quite a bit of every day, but it has rained every afternoon for a week I think. Anyway, here are some pictures of the kids from today. Enjoy!
David's new Diego outfit and Lana's Cinderella dress (she was showing off her muscles)
David likes superman :) We got a dvd set of about 90 old cartoons for about 6 bucks a while back and the kids love watching the superman ones. (notice he had to hang on to his yellow car since it is his favorite color)
Now Lana is modeling her Sleeping Beauty dress...
and now she's a cowgirl in her favorite red hat
Aren't they funny? Well, that's all for now!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hey, I have MORE pictures!

I took more pictures after their naps...Lana LOVES her Easter dress Nanny made for her a couple of years ago! She wants to wear it nearly everyday! It is kinda funny going out in public with her wearing her Easter dress all the time, but she doesn't care, so we don't really either. It sure makes her happy, and she loves to spin in it and she gets this cute smile on her face and says "I'm beautiful!"
Here they were yesterday playing under Lana's bed and giggling a whole lot!
When David woke up from his nap today he joined daddy on the couch to watch a little football. Daddy was happy that he wanted to sit with him for a while. Daddy engrossed in his game...David barely awake :)
I finished another puzzle for the kids a while ago when Lana started really wanting to do puzzles all the time. She put it together easily the first time so we went out and got bigger ones for her. David loves it though... it is a good challenge for him, and he loves Dora and Diego!

Welcome Fall (please bring cooler weather!)

I am so bad at updating this thing! We have been busy lately...Jeremy screened in our porch in the back of our house and it is really nice! I think that when it isn't quite so hot out we will be spending a lot of time out there. Even at night it's still pretty warm. But, the kids love it out there! They have been doing really well lately! Lana got moved up to the next class at her daycare and she just LOVES her teacher! She used to be sad when she had to say goodbye to her and go to her class, but now she can stay with her teacher and her friends all day, and now that she is such a big girl she gets a locker instead of just a cubby! Wow, it is exciting! While we drove to school on Friday she yelled "I'm coming Miss Cigi." Anyway, she is thrilled, and she loves to color and do puzzles and sing! David has been a lot of fun too...he has his "2" moments, but for the most part he is doing really well too! He likes to pretend he is a kitty cat, but instead of saying "meow" he says "NEE-HOW" It's pretty funny! He still loves the color yellow and gets excited if we pass a yellow car! He loves playing with his little toy Diego, and wearing other people's shoes, and wearing either his cowboy hat (from Uncle Rob and Dawne) or his Bob the Builder hat (from Uncle Mark and Aunt Trista). Lana and David play really well together most of the time and David normally follows what Lana is doing. They giggle a lot, and won't go to sleep at night without giving hugs and kisses. Lana is always trying to get David to be the prince so she can dress up like a princess and they can dance at the ball together. Sometimes he cooperates and they twirl in the kitchen, and othertimes he says "no" which is kinda funny too!
Jeremy and I are both doing well at work and really enjoy our time together, even if it is just sitting on our couch watching is great to be best friends! we love you all and hope to see everyone again soon! xoxo
Best buddies!
Our new lanai! Great work daddy!
I love my family!

our lanai...from our bedroom door, David was running to give me hugs :)