Thursday, September 29, 2005

Are Lana and David related?

I have asked myself this several was no exception! David went to the doctor today for his 4 month checkup and he is growing at quite a different rate than Lana ever has. She has pretty much been in the less than 5th percentile range every visit...David on the other hand is 50th for height and 75th for weight (16 pounds 4 ounces!) So it will take what?...another couple of weeks and he will weigh more than Lana! Our cute little chubby boy and our petite little Lana! Here they are from this afternoon...Lana's givin David hugs :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

extra pictures

Here are more pics that I couldn't add onto the last one. Megan, this picture of Jeremy and David is for you so you know how big he is. Like his outfit?

Lana likes these glasses from huh?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I booked a flight! YIPEE!

Hey, I'm coming home...and bringing the kids with me! I am so excited to see everyone again! I will be there for almost all of November. I wish that Jeremy could come too, but he is working a ton of overtime then. That is a lot of the reason I am coming home for so long. I am certainly looking forward to hugs! :) Lana went swimming today at the pool and had her swimmies on her arms, and she wanted to do it all by herself! I was so proud, she did really well! David was sleeping the whole time we were at the pool, so Jeremy got to watch football! :) We are starting to get to know more people from church, and really feel like it is a good place for us. Hopefully we will hear back from church soon because we signed up to be in a Bible study, so that will be good! I have made some friends here at the apartment place too...mostly at the pool. We really love it where we are living now, the apartment is really nice and it is so pretty! Here are some pics from this week...David is getting huge! This is a bit blurry because I couldn't get Lana to hold still, but she is so happy most of the time, she's a lot of fun!
My giggly little girl! (I wonder where she gets that from?)
David talking and smiling and blowing bubbles! :)
Lana loves this bunny that her Nanny made for her!

David has been reaching for toys more, and he loves this exersaucer!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We've moved again!

Hello! We are so happy, we moved into our apartment last week and we love it! We are still unpacking, so it isn't perfect quite yet, but it feels so good to be getting settled! Our kids seem to be growing up quick...this has been a big week! Lana no longer calls David "Veedid", but calls him by his correct name...which kind of made me sad. She plays peek a boo with him a lot and makes him smile. She is now sleeping in a big girl bed, and she LOVES her new room with all of her toys in it. The windows are all low enough that she can look outside, and we have gone to the pool almost everyday for a little while. ("shvimmin") David learned how to roll over both ways just since we got here! He has been so happy, and when you kiss his belly he laughs a lot! I gave David his first haircut, and luckily it isn't as easy to mess up a boys hair! We are happy that it is beginning to feel like home...we just miss all of you terribly! We love you and will add more pictures soon! David on his tummy after he rolled himself over...doesn't he look proud?
He is laughing! I love it!!!
Lana loves her "big girl bed"!!!
I had to trim David's fauxhawk. Jeremy was sad, he thought it was funny!
Lana talks to all of her dollies and animals, but her bear-bear is her favorite!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Our Cute Kids!

Here we are healthy again! David has been playing in his excersaucer and reaching for toys. He likes to chew on everything and drool and drool! He laughs now and smiles and "talks" all the time, it has really been fun to see! Lana likes to play peek-a-boo with she is with her dollies saying "I see you dolly!" She befriended an employee of a restaurant down here and after dinner he brought her a stuffed cookie monster. She loves him and calls him "monkey monster"! Life is pretty good...we can't wait until Tuesday when we can move into our new apartment close to friends and church and civilization! More to come...