Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Here are a few pictures from the mothers group Christmas party last weekend. Lana actually really suprised us and wanted to sing "jingle bells" to Santa, and she sat on his lap too! David didn't really like him much, but he liked the stuffed animal and coloring book Santa gave him.
David enjoying one of his favorite past-times :)
When Santa was leaving Lana ran after him to give him hugs and kisses. I think she learned a lot about the Santa side of Christmas from her school. She is a little cutie, and she is so excited about Christmas and seeing Gramma and Papa when they come to visit! (We ALL are so excited!!!!!)
Isn't he just about the cutest little guy ever? We are so proud of our little angels!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Nanny and Papa's visit, and Lana's third birthday!

For over a week Lana talked about how it was almost her birthday, and that Nanny and Papa are gonna come see her...she has been so excited! They came on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. We had a great time catching up a bit and eating good food and celebrating Lana's birthday and an early Christmas. Lana and David LOVED all of the attention! David sure loved being around his funny Papa! He kept watching Doug to see what he would do next and had a little smile on his face while he watched. They both had a great time playing with their Nanny and Papa again, and we are hoping that Nanny will come back for a while for the end of January or beginning of March...we would all love that! It was nice for me to get to talk to my mom~in~law again, and Jeremy said he really enjoyed talking to Doug more too. The guys watched some football, so that is always a great time! Mom and I were laughing as we heard them in the other room cheering and yelling at the TV. Those are moments I enjoy most...just spending the good simple time with the people you love. Mom is even helping me to learn how to decorate and paint our house! It was kind of exciting for me! So hopefully she can come help us in a couple of months. :) Well, I wanted to say that Lana had a really nice weekend. She didn't feel very healthy, which did put a damper on everything, but she still was so excited to get her cake and wonderful presents and to have a day (well, more like 2 days) all about her. She told David several times "David, it's MY birthday, not YOUR birthday!" At least it is kinda cute when it's their 3rd birthday, it might not be so nice when they are 6! But she sure did enjoy the attention and joined in singing "Happy Birthday" everytime! We had some friends over from Jeremy's work and their 2 kids Sunday night and had Lana's princess cake and more presents, so she kinda got 2 parties...Oh, maybe 3 since she brought cupcakes to her friends at daycare too. Today as I was driving us all home from work and daycare she told me "Mommy, I want ANOTHER birthday!" Well, at least I don't have to worry if she had fun or not!
This is Lana's cool Barbie bike from Gramma and Papa VV! She LOVED it! I think she might be able to reach these pedals, but she didn't want me to help her, so we may never know if she is tall enough or not!
Lana was SO excited about her princess cake! She wanted a cake with the little mermaid on it, and was so happy that she got 3 more princesses too. We did good with that one!
David doesn't really ever hesitate to shove food in his mouth. hmmm....I wonder where he gets this from.....
Lana got to sit with Nanny and watch Cinderella. She was so happy and has wanted to watch it every chance she gets since she opened it. She is definitely a girly~girl like her mommy!
Lana's party with Nanny and Papa! After the kids went to bed we had 2 or 3 (or 4) more cupcakes! yummm!
I love this picture! Lana and David weren't being overly cooperative, but I love Nanny and Papa's smiles, and I think it is cute how Lana is cuddling. I guess David is the one who doesn't look so great with his "duh" face. It does make you wanna kiss his cheeks though huh?
David got an early Christmas present from Nanny and Papa and just loves these cars! He makes the little car noise and makes them run into each other and then laughs! Oh, he likes to stick his tongue out a lot lately, it is funny~cute. :)