Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bye Bye House!

We sold our house! Yesterday we accepted an offer...not quite as much as we had hoped...but at least it is done! So really we are very thankful! Things are beginning to look better at home too. Lana feels much better and is back to running all around and talking and talking and talking! David and I have been sick, but I think we are both getting better too. David had bronchitis and it is so hard to hear him cough and not be able to help. He let me sleep all night last night and now he sounds a lot better, so that makes us all feel better. Lana of course observes everything and says "mommy nose runny" and "veedid, don't cry" and "veedid coughing" She surprised me a couple of days ago when I sneezed and she said "Bless you, mommy" She talks so well, and all the time! She makes her toys talk to each other and play peek a boo with each other, it's funny. It is nice to see her back to normal! David has really been good despite feeling crappy! He still is smiley and makes bubbles and stuff, and he has been reaching for toys more...but he still pokes himself in the eyes sometimes! I didn't get any good pictures this week since we are all sick, but soon I am sure I can get more good ones! We are celebrating our 6 year anniversary today at home, but we got to go out on a nice date when mom was visiting! I guess six years goes by fast! We are thankful Jeremy didn't take a job in Louisiana (there was a position available at a plant there too) We would rather steer clear of Katrina! Love you all!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Learning Patience!

This last week has been a bit challenging...Lana has been quite sick, she had a fever (that is gone this morning...yipee!) and she is coughing a lot. David just started coughing last night and he is pretty crabby already this morning. I feel so bad for them because they just aren't themselves, it will be so nice to see Lana running around playing again. We have also been renting a house down here, and in 2 weeks we are moving to an apartment in a more populated area. :) We are kinda in the middle of nowhere right now. The friends we have made all live in Ocala, and the church we found is there too, so that is where we are headed. We are really ready to make the move, because it is boring here and it will be great to live close enough to hang out with friends! We still haven't sold our house either, so that is a bit depressing. The thing is, I know that it will all work out. It will sell someday and then we can look for houses down here, but in the meantime, the apartment we are going to rent is really nice. We are looking forward to swimming in the pool all the time. (Lana will love it!) And she made friends with little Bella who lives in the apartment complex too. She is the daughter of Jeremy's friend from work. So we have a lot we are excited about and looking forward to, it is just hard to be patient sometimes! Well, I need to tend to the sick kids :( Thanks for reading up on the Quists!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Grandma's Visit

We have had such a special week with my mom! Lana LOVED waking up every day to see "gamma" and to get her hugs! And David would just smile and smile at her whenever she would smile or talk to him! We had fun playing and laughing and swimming in Lana's little pool and eating lots of oreos! It is just too sad to see her go back home...our hearts are with everyone there in Michigan, that is for sure! We went to see the manatees while mom was here, which was really neat! They are huge and we could see them right up close! Here are some cute pics from our week. :) It was really hot when we went to the park, so Lana is pretty warm here, but we needed a Lana Manatee picture anyway! This is the morning when mom was going back home, so some tears were shed. :( Lana loves to look at her scrapbooks, so that was about the only way to get her to stay sitting on the couch for pictures! Look at how big David is getting! We weighed him and he is somewhere around 14 pounds already! Our happy boy smiling at his grandma!
This was right after mom got here in Florida...we were so happy! Lana was excited, but she wouldn't look at the camera and smile.
David loves to snuggle up and fall asleep...grandma loves it too!

Monday, August 01, 2005

one month already!

Well, another week has gone by down here, with many enjoyable moments! Lana has been so much fun...she loves to play with her dollies (one of them she has named Alan even though it looks like a girl). She hugs them and feeds them and wants to change their diaper too. She watches everything I do with David ("Veedid" she says!) and copies me. She wants her dollies in the swing if that is where David has been, and if I pick him up and pat his back or kiss him, she does the same is so funny! She plays with her little dollhouse a lot too and has the people eat dinner and she will babble a whole ton and then say "amen" and then she has them eat, she's really cute! David has been so smiley too and he has started to coo and razz a lot, I love it! Last night he slept 7 hours so that was a blessed relief! Hopefully that will be a new habit of his! Jeremy and I are really happy too, we got together with a guy he met at work and his wife and kids and had a really nice time! They have a daughter who is 2 1/2 and a son who is 2 weeks younger than David! And we met another really nice couple at church last weekend and we plan on seeing them sometime this week too. We are very thankful to have other people that we can talk to now, and we feel like this is the right place for us. We are very anxious to have my mom come and visit...she gets here Saturday and will stay with us for a week...we are very excited! We are looking forward to lots of hugs and fun in the sun! I am sure that I will have some good pictures from that in a couple of weeks! Here is one of our happy David and Lana playing with her dolly "Alan".