Wednesday, March 12, 2008

getting settled

We are so happy to be back home in Michigan, and I think we have all pretty much adjusted to our new schedules here. So far Jeremy has been on first shift Mon-Fri and it has been so nice to have him home every evening! I know it won't last too much longer, his schedule will change back to rotating shift work around May I think, but we sure are enjoying it while it lasts! He is in training for his job right now, and everything is going well, even though it going at a pretty slow pace. He really likes the people he is training with, and he is supposed to be on the same crew as some of the guys he has gotten to know pretty well. It is a pretty long drive for him, but he carpools, so that helps a lot! I know he is really happy the roads aren't all snowy anymore! I started working at Metro again, and it was really nice to see a lot of the same people I was able to work with before. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough hours for me, so I just got a job at St. Mary's that is full time and I am excited about that too. I met a lot of the people that I will be working with, including a couple of the doctors, and everyone seemed very nice, so I think it will all work out well. It is nice, I will be working 4-10 hour shifts one week and 3-10 hour shifts the next, so it all sounds great. I am going to stay resource at Metro and pick up extra hours occasionally. The kids really like their daycare, and they both have some good friends. Lana is definitely more social than David, and I know she really LOVES going! David sometimes doesn't want to get dropped off (which always breaks our hearts) but his teachers say he is happy all day and plays with his friends. We are trying to potty train him, so please pray for us! :) They are really enjoying seeing grandparents lots, and seeing cousins and friends. They love going to church, and we love it too :) it is nice to be back! Here are some of our pictures lately, but we really haven't taken very many, so I am sorry they aren't the best! David and Lana LOVE being able to see Jacob lots again!!!
Our friends Megan and Alan hanging out almost like the olden days...with the happy addition of Kirra!
This picture I took this morning right before I dropped them off to daycare. It's a bit blurry. :(

Lana helped Aunt Becky make lasagna a couple of weekends ago. She was so proud of herself!
Our BIG girl got to hold Kirra! David loves her, and talks about her a lot!
Ok, this might take some explaining. Jeremy's Aunt Jan is the best, and she decided to celebrate Groundhogs Day with her nieces and nephews. So this year she had us divide into guys and girls and we had to sing to Sonny and Cher's "I got you babe". (from the Groundhogs Day movie) Yeah, it was pretty hilarious! Jeremy made a very good Sonny and he sang VERY LOUDLY, it was awesome! (I have it on video) I was so proud! :)


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