Friday, June 23, 2006

Good health is on the way!

Today we went to the pediatrician's office and got some answers! My poor little kids!!! David has a double ear infection which explains the fever and nasty diapers, and they both have pink eye. Lana has a mild ear infection in her right ear and she has some kind of problem in her lungs. The paper work says "bronchospasm", and the Dr. told me that it is like asthma, but this doesn't necessarily mean she will have asthma. They happened to get weighed while they were there, and David is 21 lbs 8 oz, and Lana is 22 lbs. It is funny though, because David feels so much bigger than Lana, but I guess it is just his build. Anyway, they are both on lots of medication that will hopefully make them much happier and healthier soon! I asked him if he thought I should go to a doctor too for my lack of a voice, and he thinks it is laryngitis and you can't treat it anyway, so I didn't go. Poor Jeremy woke up with a headache and sore throat and stuffy nose today...all I can say is "good luck honey!"
Here are my poor kids tonight...they had a rough day at the doctors, and then waiting for their prescriptions to be filled. They are just plain worn out! So I let them watch "Naughty Malificent" (Sleeping Beauty) and neither one moved a whole lot. Hopefully they will get a very good nights sleep!
Can you see how red and yucky Lana's left eye looks? I feel so bad for them!
Well, I wanted to add happier pictures too! Lana and David made daddy a present for Father's Day, and Lana did almost all of the work herself! We mixed up some salt dough (Lana stirred) and then here she is rolling it out. They both made hand prints (David's took several attempts because he always wanted to grab it instead). After it baked and hardened, Lana painted it really pretty! She was so proud of herself!
We went to Ocala to visit some friends on Father's Day, Lana had fun running around chasing Noah and Emma (4 and 2), and David and his buddy Aidan (6 months I think) would look at each other and laugh. Aidan liked to take David's pacifier out of his mouth for him, which wasn't the best for their friendship!!! Unfortunately all of the kids (with the exception of Lana at that time) were sick. But thankfully they are all on their way to recovery. :)
Here is Lana painting Daddy's present. It isn't quite done yet, but she had so much fun making him something for his special day! When she got to give him his presents, she said "Here daddy, you like it right?" and she was all smiles. We're so proud!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

No more for me thanks!

Life isn't so great here lately. Jeremy is the only one who isn't sick (hopefully he stays healthy... his chances aren't so good!) David has had a fever off and on and has the runs that won't quit. Lana vomits and then you think she is getting better, and then she pukes again. Now her right eye is all puffy and oozing and we thought maybe it was pink eye, but now we are thinking maybe it isn't... I felt horrible for one day and then got better, but then last night I started losing my voice and so today I can hardly talk. What is going on here?! Is it possible to blame this all on day care....or me working at the hospital? Who knows, I just hope we all get healthy again really soon! I was going to post pictures, but that would just make everyone feel extra bad for them, so just know they are getting lots of love and hugs and (with luck) sleep! We love you all, and I will post pictures when they are looking a little more lively again!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exciting Changes!

Well, we have lots of news here! I took a job at a local hospital working 2-3 days a week. :) I started Wednesday, and I really like it! I get to learn a lot about Cardiac catheterization too, so I am excited about that. (I have a lot of experience in angiography- taking pictures of blood vessels in the head, arms, abdomen and legs, but not of the heart...until now) So I am happy to be back in the medical world a bit and to be learning something new too! Lana and David seem to really like going to daycare...I was worried about David because he can be really clingy to me, but he has done really well and hasn't even cried! Lana likes playing with the other kids having different toys and stuff to play with. It makes me feel good that they aren't suffering there, but are having fun. Neither one takes naps too well there, and I was beginning to worry that Lana had grown out of the need for a nap, until she slept nearly 3 hours today! We will see! Ok, so there is one more piece of news that might come as a shock to many of you...but we bought ourselves a minivan! I know we always say we don't want one and we laugh about all of the soccer moms who cart their kids around in their minivans, but alas...we have been reformed! We actually both really like it and it makes it much easier for the kids and then if anyone comes to visit we can all fit in the same car. :) (We hope you can all come and check it out soon!)

David is walking all around the house now! He holds onto walls and furniture and walks in between them...he is really doing well! Our new (used) Kia Sodona :) You can't really tell here, but it is dark green and very nice.
Lana was supposed to be taking a nap here...instead she was playing and talking, so when I went to get her up, this is what she looked like! I cracked up and had to go grab the camera!! She said, "I'm bein' silly, huh?!"

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Little Sweetheart!

Ok, so I have to tell you about the cutest, sweetest thing Lana said to me a couple of days ago! When I was getting her down from her chair after breakfast she kissed me. So I said "Oh, thank you!" Then she cupped my face with her little hands and said "I kissed you 'cause I love you!" She was nodding her head as she said it (which made her seem way too grown up!) and it was just the kind of moment every mommy dreams about!!! I sure do love my little girl!