Monday, July 25, 2005

I Love NewYork

We just returned from a very difficult trip to New York this past weekend. One of our good friends got married and had a beautiful wedding, Jeremy was a groomsman, and I was on kid detail. They did ok flying the first time, and having a messed up nap schedule and all that...they did pretty well while we were there, but the flight, that was a different story! I don't think I have felt that embarrased in a long time. They were both screaming by the end of the flight, and then we had to drive another hour and a half to get home. Now that we are here, they are both great again, traveling can be rough sometimes! I really didn't see much of the wedding or reception, but it all seemed really nice.
Well, it is certainly hot down here, but it is so great to see blue skies and sunshine and palm trees! I think that we will be really happy here, and I am so excited that we found such a good church where we will hopefully meet people really soon. Jeremy seems to really like his job and has met quite a few people he really guy and his wife have kids really close to Lana and David's ages, so that is good. I think we are going to get together with them sometime soon. We miss everyone from home and despite the difficult trip we just had, we will figure out when we can come home again! :)
Oh, we would love your prayers for our house to sell quickly...we are anxious to find a home here! God bless you all and I will write again soon!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Florida Sweet Florida

Jeremy and I are finally getting a bit settled after a QUICK move to Crystal River, Fl. Jeremy is working for a nuclear power plant and loves it! I am beginning to feel like this can be home. We've found a wonderful church, been to the beach several times where Lana LOVES to swim, but is still unsure of the sand (yucky, she says!), and David is growing by the minute (11 lbs. 4 oz. this week!). Our absolutely amazing friends Alan and Megan came to visit us for a whole week. We enjoyed spending time laughing, playing in the hot sun of the south, and eating a ton of ice cream! :) Here are some pictures since our move south! We miss ya all and will keep this updated as much as I can with the two babes. Love--Jeremy, Tracy, Lana, and David