Saturday, October 22, 2005

Just a few more days and Lana, David and I will be back in Michigan for a month! We are so excited to get to spend time with our wonderful family and friends! Things here have been pretty good really. We met this really sweet couple and their son (2 days older than David!) at a restaurant a few weeks ago. We have gotten together several times since then and they are so easy to talk to! We feel like we really "click", so that makes us so much happier being here! They said I could put their pictures on here, and their names are Matt , Katie and little Cody. We are enjoying spending time together...and enjoying the nice weather! (until the hurricane hits anyway!) Jeremy and I have been saying that it will be tough being apart for so long. He is sad that he can't see everyone and he'll miss the kids and me a lot. Hopefully he can still see Matt and Katie sometimes in between his work schedule. I'm afraid the next month will be a lot more enjoyable for me than for Jeremy! At least the money will be good! We will see you all soon....and WE LOVE YOU!!! Lana is feeding "Alan" and "Alan" crackers and juice. Such a little mommy!
What a great picture of the family huh?
This is Katie and Matt...our new wonderful friends!
Daddy and David have been hanging out lots lately...David is one happy (and drooly) boy!
This is Matt and Katie's son Cody. Isn't he cute? He is so happy all the time too!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two more weeks.....

We can't wait to see all of your smiling faces! Lana and I have been counting down the days until we "go on airplane"! I have all of these cute pictures from when Jeremy's mom came and stayed with us for a day before she headed down to her condo...and I have pictures from when my grandparents stopped by on their way down to their park...unfortunately we are having problems with our scanner. :( So these are pictures from our digital camera instead. Here's one of Lana "bein silly!" We had a great time with Lana and David's Nanny! Lana showed her how she can swim like a big girl, and David loved to get hugs. We had a great afternoon with great grandpa and grandma too...we went for a walk and then out to lunch and we all had a great time! And now we are so excited to get back to Michigan, cold weather and all! See you soon!!!

Here is "David...SO TIRED!"

David LOVES to eat!!!
Lana likes playing with her bath boat and shapes!