Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

We went trick or treating around our neighborhood tonight and had a great time! Lana has been excited for several days now. This morning when she woke up I told her happy halloween quietly because David and daddy were still sleeping, and she yelled really loud "Hap-py Hallo-Ween!" It was cute!
David had a cape that you can't really see, and Lana loved her Princess Aurora dress! We had a great time!
Getting ready to go out. "Trick or Treat!" David really had no idea what was going on, but he seemed happy to go for a walk anyway!

Tonight when Lana said her prayers it was so cute, we think we are going to try to video tape her tomorrow. She said "Sank you God for my daddy here (she patted his arm) and my mommy here (she patted me) and for Lana and for my David there (she pointed to his room were he was sleeping) and for my fwends at school, and my fwends at chuch, and for my halloween, and for my dress (here it sounds like she is singing) and candy, and batman, and doctor daddy ... AMEN!" She is such a little cutie!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our Kids Are Growing Up!

Hi everyone! I have been too busy lately...I'm sorry for not keeping pictures coming your way! The kids are doing great lately. I was starting to worry about David not talking really yet, when just this past week and a half he has started saying a lot more. He now says "mama, dada, nana (for Lana), meow (milk), dow (down), hi, bye, and bah (ball)" I was just being impatient I guess. He has the greatest happiest personality, he makes Jeremy and I laugh every day! Lana has been doing really well at school and loves to read. She gets the books out and shows me "fwont cover, back cover, spine, title and aut-or" She had a little boy that she loved at school, but I guess they aren't being as friendly this week :( They were giving hugs and kisses and holding hands everywhere!
Jeremy's class is going well so far. He just took his first test and aced it :) I'm proud of him! I am excited because I am learning MRI at work, so things there are getting much better. Jeremy and I are doing great, it is nice to be on the same schedule again. Last night we were reminiscing about when we were in high school, and dating off and on after that, and when we were finally together for good. I always love hearing stories about how people meet, and we were thinking we need to dig out all of our MANY old letters and emails from way back then. Does anyone else do this? I love watching our wedding video that my wonderful brother Mark made for us, I know I am cheezy, but I love all of that mushy stuff. Do any of you have old letters and stuff that you like to go back and read?
Well, I guess that is all that is really going on lately. We miss everyone so much and we have daydreamed about being back there...but we need to look on the bright side, we love the weather...it has been perfect lately! Come and visit! :)
I love when they can sit on their couch next to each other NICELY! Here they are reading their favorite books!
Daddy and David...they people at daycare gave David a new do! They got it all wet and made it into a faux hawk! It cracked me up!
David has to have his blankie that his great grandma Vander Voord made for him, he LOVES it! And he has a weird habit that cracks everyone up. He has to have the thing on his pacifier flipped up under his nose. If you push it down, he will move it right back up again. He will do this over and over and over, it's hilarious!
Another view of his hairdo!
Lana doesn't want her picture taken lately, so I had to sneak this one in! :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

School is back in session.

Hello everyone! This is Jeremy writing for a change of pace. Tracy got her last two wisdom teeth pulled today, and she is doing just fine. She will have to eat soft foods for the next couple days (ice cream, yogurt, pudding, she is really hating it!), but should be back to normal soon. The kids are doing well, their teachers at daycare always tell us how good they are. I will be starting Primary Plant Operator school next week. It will last for two months, all eight hour dayshifts. We are excited about that since we will be on the same schedule for a change, and it will give us more of an opportunity to get involved in church and meet people. We are starting to feel a little more at home here. All of our neighbors are back from up north, so it is nice to be able to see them on occasion. It is also getting cooler down here, which makes everyone happier! We miss you all and love you!