Monday, January 08, 2007

Wow, I was having trouble with blogger in posting these pictures at great grandpa and great grandma's...sorry for the delay! We had a very fun couple of days together! It was so wonderful for us to finally get to see their place down here in Florida, and they really have the nicest neighbors! Everyone made us feel so special and welcome there, we just loved it! So thank you Great Grandma and Great Grandpa for making room for six of us to stay there!
Lana was helping gramma and great grandma make some salad...David was enjoying eating it!
David was busy "reading" :) He liked the chairs there and wanted to climb up and down and up again!

We decided we would love to do this again, and Jeremy would even be willing to play a couple of rounds of golf again, if great grandpa really wanted to. :)
I tried to upload video of this, but I have no idea how Trista does it...they loved grandma's fountain and got completely soaked and belly laughed over and was so cute!!!
Lana loves to swim and wasn't afraid at all to jump right in again. David was a lot more apprehensive, but he was ok as long as I was holding him close. It did feel really nice to go swimming in the beginning of January! :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Papa and Gramma's Holiday Trip

It always seems like the time goes by way too fast. Mom and dad got here on the 29th in the afternoon and Lana was so excited to have them come stay with us! David warmed up to them both again very quickly and even says "gwamma" now...maybe not quite that clearly, but we could understand it. We got to meet up with Alan and Megan and her parents and one of their friends the first night for dinner as they were passing through. They were headed for Miami, and we had such a great time with them! We only spent a few hours with them, which was sad, but I am thankful for the time we got! Then dad and mom and the rest of us went to the Wildlife Park right by us to see manatees the next day. We loved watching mom and dad with the kids and how Lana and David both would just cuddle right up with them. After a few days of being home we all went to see my grandparents in Arcadia Fl. and had a fun time taking walks and meeting all of their neighbors! Lana and David had a great time playing in great grandma's fountain and got completely soaked...the guys all went golfing twice...we got to play dominoes when the kids went to girls and the kids went to the pool to swim...and we all got to eat great food together that grandpa and dad made! :) It really was a wonderful vacation, and we all enjoyed mom and dad's company, and as always, we wish that it would have lasted longer! Here are some of our cute pictures from their trip~enjoy~
David just woke up from his 20 or so minute nap
basking in the sunlight :)
Jeremy was very happy to drive mom and dad's rental car...a mustang :)
We went to a great mall a little south of here and I forgot the stroller...which ended up being a real treat! They each got their own little bumper car and they were so happy to be "driving"! They got to go to a nice play area, and we all went on a big carosel, and their grandma and papa even treated them to some icecream dots :)

Every night before they went to bed they got to have papa and gramma read to them, it was a nice change for them, I think David payed a lot more attention than he usually does.

An EARie Problem

After several doctors appointments that found fluid behind David's eardrums, his doctor decided he should get his hearing checked. Unfortunately David failed it, which made me really upset because I thought about all of the things I say to him and when I sing to him and it made me sad that he was missing out on all of that. (When I thought more about it I figured it is probably better that he didn't hear me so well when I sing...Lana even tells me not to sing sometimes!) So on December 27th he got tubes put in both ears and his adenoids taken out. He was pretty tired and grumpy immediately following his surgery, but as soon as he got some graham crackers and a popsicle and some juice he was as happy as could be! He talked more that night than I think he ever did before then, and he has been talking so much since then! He says MANY more words and I can understand them more now, and he is trying to mimick the sounds we make. So now I feel happy...and apparently so does David!